RANAR Vista Screen Printing Press: A Tale Of Two Print Heads

I’ve been a little busy with some print work and family responsibilities. But a few people recently asked me about the new RANAR Vista series screen printing press designs for the print head. I figured this would be an easy video to do since I am a little pressed for time right now. I got up really early in the morning to make this video since I had to go out and run some errands for print work in the afternoon that day. Early video making is great for the lower heat this time of year but I’m not really a morning person…

This is another educational screen printing video by Catspit Productions, LLC. In this episode I take a quick look at the RANAR Vista series print heads. The newest Vista series floor presses have updated print heads with a new added feature. These new print heads have all the same functions of the old one like off contact, screen angle, micro registration and more but now they have a built in “zero point” system so you may reset the micro registration to the center point on all head when setting up a multi-color screen print job. This system is built into the metal of the micro registration plates. There are no stickers or printed grids that can wear off over time. This zeroing out system will be easy to use and visible for the entire lifetime of the press, guaranteed. If you’re interested in buying RANAR screenprinting presses from Catspit Productions then take a look at this video to see the Vista series print heads up close. Then you can watch our other screen printing tutorial videos which feature the RANAR equipment we use and sell.

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