Screen Printing Exposure Units: 20×24 Table Top Black Lamp

Just a quick video featuring some exposure units at the RANAR booth at the NBM show in Long Beach California. I figured I would feature some equipment this year since this show is so small and mostly filled with awards and sign vendors. The…re wasn’t much screen printing going on for me to make videos from and the NBM show is very protective in what they will allow me to video. So I could only make videos in the RANAR booth. I thought trade shows were about networking and exposure but you know Corporate America today.

This is another screen printing trade show video in which we take a quick look at an exposure unit that stands alone on the floor with legs. This is a rather large industrial black lamp exposure unit but for those of you who are just starting out we have a very similar unit that is a table top version. This is basically the same industrial fluorescent black lamp exposure unit except it has been scaled down to sit on a table top. You can fit this little unit onto any stable surface that can support it. The unit comes with a padded weight for added convenience. If you’re tired of getting poor results with a 500 watt work lamp and you’re ready to step up the game in order to get better screens with greater ease then this table top exposure unit is a must to look at. Check it out and if you have any questions please contact us.

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