Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Can A Heat Gun Cure Plastisol Inks?

I was going to upload a different video today but I thought it was about time I answered a few commonly asked questions about screenprinting tee shirts with plastisol textile inks. I think I had too much fun making this one I have to admit. Even I can’t help but laugh when I say, “yes, you can, but no I don’t recommend it” or something like that. For some reason I find myself shouting and being all Billy Mays these days when I make a video. I think it’s just too much fun. I work too much and the videos are my way of connecting with you. That’s right we have a relationship you know. There’s just a camera between us… 😉

This educational video features a screenprinting question about printing tee shirts with plastisol inks that I get asked very often. Is it possible to cure plastisol inks with a heat gun? In this video I answer this question officially for all to benefit from. Since I get this question almost weekly I thought it was time to make a video. If you have ever had this question in your mind when beginning to screenprint tee shirts for fun or for profit, then this video is a must see. Follow me along as I share my thoughts on this topic. I’ll explain to you why this method is inconsistent at best and what makes the process unsuitable for commercial applications. But can it be done? Is it possible? Can I do this at home with a heat gun? Watch this video and find out. You’ll be very happy you clicked on this entertaining and informational screen printing video tutorial.

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