Screen Printing T-Shirts: What is The Exposure Time For Screens?

Another very commonly asked question about screen printing answered. Well, answered as best as humanly possible. I uploaded this video early today but I was out of the office running around getting ready for my trip to the NBM show in Long …Beach this coming week. Oil changes and tire rotations along with some other errands left me behind in office work. Let’s not even mention the shop. Good thing I’m awesome at multi-tasking. Anyway if you’d like to find out why I cannot tell you how long to expose your screens for, then watch this video.

This educational video features a screenprinting question about printing tee shirts that we get asked very often. The problem with the question is there are many variables associated with exposing screens. Therefore this question is very difficult to answer definitively. If we knew all of these variables then we could suggest an exposure time. But most often when the question is asked it’s something like this, “How long do I expose my screen for?” Obviously that is not enough information to answer the question with any degree of accuracy. But why? What are these variables? What things do we need to consider when exposing screens that affects our exposure time? You can sit back and get the answers with this great tutorial video that explains all of the variables involved in screen making. I hope you enjoy this educational screen printing video and get a better understanding of the screen making process.

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