The New Catspit Productions Screen Print Supply Ecommerce Store

A personal note from Jonathan:

Again, I am very proud to announce the official Catspit Productions ecommerce site where your purchase of screenprinting equipment and supplies helps me continue to help all of you. Shooting, editing and uploading these videos with all of the associated posts on social networking sites take a tremendous amount of time. Answering comments on YouTube and through emails or the Catspit Forum takes even more time. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter questions. Maintenance of the forum, websites and social networking platforms for Catspit costs money. The added business paper work associated with my educational efforts online also costs money to process. Therefore I need your support to keep doing this at the rate we are currently moving today.

Thank you all for your continued patronage and support. I am having a lot of fun helping you learn how to screen print tee shirts online.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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