Free Screenprinting Pirate Booty: Inkjet Film Positives Giveaway

This is just a quick and funny video saying thanks once again and giving away some free screen printing pirate booty. I think I was having too much fun making this one. Thanks a lot once again to everyone who supported me recently. As a ver…y small token f my appreciation I hope this inkjet film positive freebie will be fun for everyone to take part in. Whether or not you get some free inkjet film I hope you can join me in laughing at my antics, and me šŸ˜‰ while enjoying another freebie giveaway video.

AARRHHHGGGH… Pirates ahoy me matey! Here is another entertaining and fun screen printing video by Catspit Productions, LLC. In this very humorous video Jonathan gets a little loopy as he is known to do once in a while. But this video is also a genuine, heartfelt thank you and expression of gratitude for the recent outpouring of support for Catspit on YouTube. Sometimes YouTube can be a harsh and unfriendly environment. Respect and professionalism is not easy to see being exemplified on YouTube. Catspit Productions may reference vague categories for our competitors in marketing endeavors but we will never go beyond the lines of respect and professionalism. So watch this funny video where Jonathan gets silly for you while he gives away some free inkjet film positives for screenprinting. He’s giving away 4 packs of 25 sheets each. Two packs will go to international participants and two will go to domestic participants. Come get your free pirate booty today! We hope you all enjoy this entertaining and funny screenprinting video.

All equipment pricing includes crating fees and free shipping! Thank you for visiting our website.

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