How To Manually Screen Print 1 Color Halftones With Spot Colors

More is more! Yes? Here it is the last edition in the 3 part series about how to manually screen print 1 color halftones with spot colors. This video is a little longer in order to be packed with information and entertainment. I promise you won’t regret watching this one through till the end, especially if you’re looking into doing halftones of any kind.

This one is called, “How To Manually Screen Print 1 Color Halftones With Spot Colors.” This is the 3rd and final installment for the how to screen print 1 color halftones series. In this screen printing tutorial video you will learn all about what you need to know in order to screenprint tee shirts manually with a halftone. The video will demonstrate flood and stroke methods while discussing squeegee durometer, screen mesh, off contact, dot gain and more. Follow me as I walk you through the last part of the process and give you my personal tips on printing manually. If you’re looking into printing halftones of any kind or doing four color process work in CMYK, then this video will give you a lot of tips and advice on how to do it. Better yet watch the entire playlist and see all 3 videos in this series where we start from creating artwork and go through to the printing in this video. This is another very entertaining and fun educational video about screenprinting for your viewing pleasure. I promise that you will not only learn a lot but you will have fun while doing so.

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