Screen Printing Forum: Contributor Shout Out Beyond Borders!

Another Forum shout out video for an awesome contributor and supporter of the Catspit educational program online. Pepe has been a part of the forum since it launched and currently he is having difficulties visiting the Catspit Learn How To Screen Print Forum so if anyone else is experiencing any issues please let us know what error codes you are getting. Learn more about Pepe De La O of PERA Designs!

This is yet another video shout out for a major contributor on the Catspit Productions Learn How To Screen Print Forum. This one is for Pepe De La O of PERA Designs. Pepe has been an awesome supporter of the entire Catspit Productions project online. He has made huge contributions to the forum and has even provided graphic design services free of charge to help us update outlook online to keep up with the new YouTube channel layout. We took about a month of going back and forth to get it right and it looks great. So take a little time to sit back and learn more about Pepe and how he got started in screen printing. Also please note Pepe is unable to get onto the Catspit Forum due to some technical issues in Mexico. If anyone else from Mexico or anywhere else has any problems viewing the Catspit website or Forum, please contact us and let us know what error codes you are getting. We are investigating this but so far it seems to be a local problem.

Find Pepe De La O on:




Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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