Screen Printing Shirts Without Emulsion, Chemicals or Film Positives!

Hey there! A year or 2 later I made a follow up video to the RhinoTech Dry Stencil System product review. LOL… I know it took forever to get back to this but that’s because we already have a resident expert on the product. So this is a fun video in which I print with the dry stencil system using plastisol ink. I think this stuff is pretty cool and it is a great tool for a commercial shop to do one offs. And it’s perfect for beginners who may not have anywhere to work but in their home. Check it out but don’t forget to hit Leadfoot up on the Catspit forum if you want to ask more detailed questions 😉

This is a long overdue follow up video to the RhinoTech Dry Stencil System videos. Since we are commercial screen printers here at Catspit Productions we don’t use this type of product in production and we had a forum member do an extensive thread on this product so we never got to make a video printing with the dry stencil system. Until now. In this video we take a second look at the RhinoTech dry stencil system and we then proceed to screen print with the same screen we made almost 2 years ago. That’s right, the very same screen I made in the product review video was hanging around the shop all his time since I knew I wanted to make this video with it sooner or later. Well here it is and I have to say I was impressed with the print quality and the ease of use once you get the details figured out. I can safely say with my limited experience in working with this product and the forum threads that this product is perfect for one offs in commercial shops and it’s well suited for the home printer who may not have a shop environment to work in.

You can find RhinoTech’s Dry Stencil System on the Print Supplies page of the Catspit website. Use the Catspit discount code to get a 5% discount!

The first dry stencil video:

The dry stencil playlist:

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