Screen Printing: Coating Screens In 110 Degrees, No Darkroom!

Check out this fun production video! I had to coat some screens over the weekend in 110 degree weather! Who wants to come and work in Hell’s Print Shop?  Yikes! Overall this was a good bulk coating session despite the heat. I know many of our tropical and warmer region printers are used to printing barefoot with no shirt so I am not alone. Oh and don’t forget to rate thumbs up since my haters are already thumbing this one down…. LOL. I thought this would be a cool video so you can see how sometimes we do what it takes to get the job done but you can’t please them all 😉

This video is called, “Screen Printing: Coating Screens In 110 Degrees, No Darkroom!” Here is a fun production video about coating screens for screenprinting tee shirts. I have had several jobs come in in the past few weeks and it was necessary to do a bulk screen coating session. In this video you’ll come along for the first 7 or 8 screens in this video. In Arizona it has been in the low 100’s often reaching 108 or 110 degrees F in the afternoon. Sometimes my timing is off and I cannot wait until the wee hours of the morning to work like I normally do. Therefore it is often the case that I work in the peak of the heat during the day. When this video was made it peaked out at 110 degrees F. That’s how it goes here in the desert and on any given day you can find me in the shop working barefoot with no shirt running back and forth from the pool to the shop. I think I’m going to create a new endurance sport called Pool Printing. So if you want to see me at my obsessive compulsive best then this video will be perfect for you.

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