Heavy Duty Pressure Washer For Screen Printing Tee Shirts

Here it is guys and gals! The RhinoTech HD pressure washer review video for your viewing pleasure. I was finally able to make this video after figuring out where to put the unit in my shop. I still have to get a table to raise the unit up to waist level for easy access to the power switch but this pressure washer is awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever have to buy another. Ever. If you’re in the market for a heavy duty pressure washer or you need to research them to find out what is best for your needs then this is a perfect video to watch.

The new tutorial video is called, “Heavy Duty Pressure Washer For Screen Printing Tee Shirts.” This is the long awaited product review video for the RhinoSpray Model 1500A Heavy Duty Pressure Washer. The unit is a 1450 PSI pressure washer with adjustable pressure and adjustable spray gun nozzle. With this unit you can calibrate your pressure using a pressure knob on the top of the unit. You can use that to raise or lower the water pressure accordingly to the job you are working on. It also has a spray nozzle on the gun that can be turned form pin point to wide fan for versatility in the washout booth. Use the pinpoint for trouble areas and the wide fan for easily reclaimable screens by taking them out in 2 or 3 passes. In this video we demonstrate the unit working in the washout booth. You’ll get to see this unit work as we actually reclaim a screen and test out the spray nozzle. This unit is very quiet compared to other “home owner’s” units. But this pressure washer does not have an auto off function since that would inevitably break. Therefore you need to place this unit where you can reach the power switch. Get the reals coop on this product with another screen printing product review by Catspit Productions, LLC!

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