Creating Artwork For Screen Printing: Object And Type Tips For Illustrator

This is another preface and introductory artwork video about how to use Illustrator. This is a fun video which will teach you some tips on moving objects around on the canvas, grouping, creating fonts as outlines, and more. I was going to upload another, longer video but I felt that I needed to preface a little more for those of you who have never worked in Illustrator before. The next artwork video will be from a cancelled DVD I half produced and it will include information on film output and setting up simple 1 color vector art for screenprinting. In the meantime, enjoy this fun video on Illustrator.

The new educational video is called, “Creating Artwork For Screen Printing: Object And Type Tips For Illustrator.” This is only my third artwork video. This tutorial video is another preface to one we hope to upload very soon. In this third installment of Illustrator tips we take a look at a few different ways you can manipulate objects on one layer to be in front or in back of one another. You’ll learn how to move objects and typesetting so you may create a design in one a layer canvas. This is a simple yet very important skill to learn for working with Illustrator vector artwork. In this video we also look at creating outlines for fonts so that we may send AI files from one computer to another without worrying about whether or not that other computer has the fonts you used. We also take a look at grouping and ungrouping objects so you can move them about the canvas as one object. You’ll even see why the magnifying tool can be very helpful too. And finally you’ll be ready for the next artwork video in which we will take a look at assembling very simple basic spot color art for printing tee shirts which includes film output tips.

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