Creating Screen Printing Artwork & Film: Simple One Color Spot Designs

Here is the fourth installment of my very simple introduction to Illustrator for creating vector art for screen printing. This is the artwork video that the previous 3 art videos hopefully prepared you for. It is a very simple look at what you’ll need to do in your vector art software such as Illustrator or Corel Draw in order to be able to create spot color art and output film positives. This video features tips on creating the design and outputting film positives for screen making. This tutorial video was made well before the 3 previous videos using a newer version of Illustrator and screen capture software that barely worked. But it is a valuable educational video for anyone just starting to create screenprinting artwork for making tee shirts.

The new video is called, “Creating Screen Printing Artwork: Simple One Color Spot Designs. “ This is a 40 minute long tutorial video about how to create very simple 1 color vector artwork for screen printing tee shirts. Here you will learn how to assemble spot color designs in Illustrator. In this very simple instructional video you’ll see me play with and build 3 very simple pieces of artwork. This video will help you become familiar with what you need to do in Illustrator while creating your artwork so that you’ll have an easier time outputting better film positives. In fact you’ll also learn some about film output and what you’ll need to do that. This video is actually the “artwork” chapter from a DVD that I was shooting for a vendor we used to work with. Well, the DVD was cancelled and even though it may be a bit of a loss for the entire project it certainly is a gain for our YouTube audience. This video also has tips for film positive output with an Epson 1400 inkjet printer. Enjoy this wonderfully simple and easy to understand fourth edition in my introduction to Illustrator for total beginners.

Watch this playlist of artwork videos and be ready to create simple spot color artwork for screenprinting T-shirts:

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