Creating Artwork For Screen Printing: Bringing Designs Into Illustrator

This is another preface and introductory artwork video about how to use Illustrator. In this video you’ll learn how to bring designs into your AI canvas in order to combine graphic elements in one design. I am still experimenting with the audio for these Illustrator videos. In this one I didn’t really like the audio quality so we’ll see what I can do about that. My options may be limited. But I think this is still a very cool video for people just starting to learn how to create vector artwork for screen printing using Illustrator.

The new tutorial video is called, “Creating Artwork For Screen Printing: Bringing Designs Into Illustrator.” This is only my second artwork video. This tutorial video is another preface to one we hope to upload later this week. In this second installment of Illustrator tips we take a look at a few different ways you can bring in existing vector art as AI files. We also take a look at the Place function and how to use that to insert image files onto your vector canvas. The video will effectively teach you how to bring your design elements into your Illustrator file and begin working with them. You’ll also learn about clip art and why it is so important to a beginning screen printing artist. And if you have a decent collection of clip art files on your computer you’ll learn how to use Adobe Bridge to view and select them for importing into your open AI file. After watching the previous artwork video along with this one you’ll be able to put together simple artwork for screenprinting using clip art and typesetting. And you’ll be ready for the next artwork video in which we will take a look at assembling very simple basic spot color art for printing tee shirts.

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