Creating Artwork For Screen Printing: Basic Introduction To Illustrator

Here we go everyone…. the long awaited first video about creating vector artwork for screen printing tee shirts using Illustrator. I intended this video to be a very simple, basic introduction to Illustrator for beginners. I made it to preface another video that is also simple and basic because I felt a certain understanding of fundamental tools in Illustrator would be necessary. This video prepares you for a much longer video in which we will create basic spot color art. More about that later but for now enjoy this video. If you just bought Illustrator or you’re new to screen printing and need to think about how you’re going to create your artwork, you should enjoy this video very much.

The video is called, “Creating Artwork For Screen Printing: Basic Introduction To Illustrator.”  This is my first ever artwork video. I made this video to preface another artwork video that covers how to make simple one color vector artwork for screen printing tee shirts. In this video I prepare you to make some very basic spot color art for printing on a manual 1 color, 1 station screenprinting press. If you have recently purchased Illustrator for creating tee shirt art then this is a great video to get you comfortable with the fundamentals. Here we will discuss different tools very briefly like scale, type, free transform, pencil, pen and others. I show you where the tools are and I demonstrate the basic functions of each. Learn how to do basic typesetting and learn how to create simple shapes in this powerful vector art software. Find out what fill and stroke means while seeing how to manipulate them. This is a very basic walk through of some of the core tools you will use on a regular basis when using Illustrator to create vector T-Shirt artwork and designs. The video covers a lot and it’s a brief summary so don’t feel overwhelmed. Hopefully we will get to make more videos like this one to help you learn the ropes of artwork creation.

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