How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Drawing Your Pallet Lines

Here is a very cool new video about how to create your pallet lines on press in order to line up screens square to the pallet. This was one of those questions that I have been repeatedly asked so I figured it was time to do a video on it to answer any more questions about it that may come my way. We received a forum question about this last week so that made me decide to make the video over this past weekend. Also in this video is the first testing of the new intro and outro along with some new in video graphics. The intro looks great and we only have a few minor tweaks to finish it up.

This screen printing tutorial video is called, “How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Drawing Your Pallet Lines.” Here we have yet another excellent screen printing tutorial video from Catspit Productions. In many of the Catspit videos we see the pallets and often times there is a pallet with cross hairs or lines on the pallet tape. It seems that these lines confused many people and they knew what they were for but not necessarily how or why we create them. So this is a pretty simple instructional demonstration which shows you how Jonathan creates his pallet lines. He also explains why he does this and how this helps him when in production on press. You’ll learn what tools he used to make the pallet lines as he walks you through the drawing of a new set of pallet lines on press. It’s safe to say that you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about these strange and cryptic pallet markings. If you have a sharpie, a ruler and a tee square you’ll be able to follow along with Jonathan as he sets up his pallet for a brand new screen printing job.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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