Screen Printed Temporary Tattoos For Your Car Or Truck

It is getting warm here in Phoenix so I headed out side to do a fun entertainment video for you all about temporary tattoos for your car or truck. This is a major ghetto method using plastisol inks on glass. The ink will dry to the touch and always be removable with a dry rag. It’s a great way to have some fun with friends and neighbors. I uploaded this late last night due to a personal emergency here in the Catspit homestead. So I am a little behind on answering questions and such. Please be patient and I will attempt to catch up over the weekend. In the meantime enjoy this fun video that demonstrates how versatile screen printing is. This video actually shows how a simple screen and squeegee can print many different items with some printing skill 😉

The video is called, “Screen Printed Temporary Tattoos For Your Car Or Truck.” This is a fun educational video about screen printing that demonstrates how versatile screenprinting is and even with a standard tee shirt screen we can actually print many different things in unique ways. This is an old school method of creating a temporary tattoo for cars and trucks that is printed directly onto the window glass. In this video we see a barefoot Jonathan in beautiful Arizona sun take an ordinary manual 20×24 screen with plastisol ink outside to print on the back window of his car. The plastisol ink will print onto the glass easily and is removed with little effort whenever you wish. Simply wipe it off with a rag. If you leave the temporary tattoo on for some time in the sun or summertime, especially in Phoenix, the ink will dry to the touch but still be easily removed with a rag. If you have a junker car with oxidized paint you can print onto the paint and the plastisol ink becomes somewhat permanent in the oxidized layer of your crappy paint job 😉 This video is purely for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously… unless you want to use the correct inks for glass and try it.

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