Screen Printing Production Tips: Washing Out The Stencil

This video may be a little long but if you are having any difficulties with washing out your stencils then you’ll want to watch this production video with actual working tips. I had a few screens to burn the other day and since we have been getting a lot of questions about screen making recently I thought I would just bring you guys along for the production while I blabbered about some screenprinting tips related to washing out screens. I know we have covered this before but I was hoping I might share a few tips I hadn’t thought of for one of the regular videos I did in the past. So this video is like you were in the shop with me and I just talked to you while I worked. I wasn’t too sure about the result but it seems that it’s a pretty good video after all.

This video is called, “Screen Printing Production Tips: Washing Out The Stencil.” This educational screen printing video is an actual production video about making screens. Screen making is one of the most challenging parts of the silkscreen printing process. Many people new to screenprinting have many difficulties with the step. Unfortunately it is a most necessary and critical step which can have a huge impact on how the job prints on press and how much difficulty you could have. A lot of people over look some simple things during this process. This tutorial video will walk you through washing out screens as Jonathan makes 3 screens while imparting some wisdom about screen making. Although we have done videos about screen making before, we have done few videos like this one where we actually teach while we are working. If you want to see what it is like for an experienced screen printer to make screens then come along on this journey into screen making with Jonathan from Catspit Productions. He’ll be happy to speak with you while you watch him washout a few screens.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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