Screen Printing: Emulsion Adhesion And Mesh Preparation

Here is another very cool quick tips video that got its inspiration from the Catspit Learn How To Screenprint Forum. This is a question I get asked often and in the past week we received two forum posts that seemed to relate to the exact same cause even though the symptoms were slightly different. It seems some people are having difficulty burning screens and they are overlooking a simple step that will greatly improve their screen making efforts. Emulsion to mesh adhesion can make or break you in the washout booth. So in this video we discuss the two very different types of mesh preparation you should be doing in your screen print shop.

The new video is called, “Screen Printing: Emulsion Adhesion And Mesh Preparation.” This educational video was inspired by the very users of the Catspit Productions learn how to screen print tutorial forum on the Catspit website. It’s another example of how the forum provides for great topics to make YouTube videos from. Now this topic was actually posted twice as two different questions about emulsion to mesh adhesion. Of course the posters did not know that their posts would make for a great screen printing video but since the topic comes up often enough and we had two queries in the same week we decided to make this into a video right away. Evidently many people seem to be unaware that there are basically two types of mesh preparation you will be doing in your screen print shop. The first type of mesh prep deals with brand new, never used screens. The second type concerns used screens or reclaimed screens being reused. If you are having any difficulties with emulsion flapping off in high detail areas during washout or edges of the stencil coming away from the mesh during printing you will want to watch this educational screenprinting video.

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