ISS Screen Printing Show: What’s New From RhinoTech

Here is another ISS screen printing show video from the RhinoTech booth. I had a lot of fun working the booth with RhinoTech and we had many Catspit visitors stop by their booth to say hello. I gave away a lot of free Catspit Secret Society Logo shirts and I took a few photos with some of our video viewers. But this video is especially cool because we get to learn about a new digital laser transfer paper that I want to use to make some Catspit mugs. Just keep reading to learn more and have a look see at the video perhaps 😉

The video is titled, “ISS Screen Printing Show: What’s New From RhinoTech.” This tutorial screen printing video is an introduction and overview of the RhinoTech Company. The video was made at ISS Long Beach, 2013 in the RhinoTech booth. Here we get to speak directly with Greg Markus, one of the owners of RhinoTech, about where RhinoTech has come from and where they are going with their product line. They offer a lot of screen making equipment including filtration, recirculating, and total reclaiming systems. But as we learn in this video that is not all they have to offer. You’ll learn about their newest digital heat transfer products that are so versatile in their application that you can buy substrates at Wal-Mart or Target. That’s right! Find out about their latest digital laser transfer paper that can be pressed to multiple substrates other than tee shirts. You can make plaques, mugs, plates, glass, metal, and you can even press wood with your customized logo. This is a great video to watch if you want to learn more about the great products from RhinoTech.

Please remember you can get the RhinoTech products on the Print Supplies page of the Catspit website. Use the Catspit promo code to enjoy 5% off list pricing on supplies. Thanks for your support!

Use code    Catspit511   at checkout for 5% off screen printing supplies!

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!  

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