Screenprinting Startup Kit Giveaway: Shipping The Goodies Vlog #1

Alright here is a quick vlog style video about the video response startup kit giveaway contest sponsored by Screen Printing Superstore. I thought it would be cool to keep you all updated on the progress of shipping the kits out and I figured it would be fun to get an inside look at what I do on a daily basis. Here you get a peek into the Catspit office, hence the poor lighting. This is a very casual video in which I seemed to have lost my shoes 😉 Well if you ever come out to Phoenix, Arizona you’ll quickly understand why many people go without shoes here all year round. Flip flops are king in this State although I cannot wear those. They just fly off me when I walk 😦 But I’m just a free spirited barefoot hippy type who wouldn’t wear shoes if it were safe to do so everywhere…. LOL.

The new video is called, “Screenprinting Startup Kit Giveaway: Shipping The Goodies Vlog #1.” This screen printing video is a short vlog about packing up the first of the two screen printing start up kits that Screen Printing Superstore and Catspit Productions gave away in a YouTube video response contest. The first kit is going to Southern California and the second will ship up to Canada. This vlog style video is simply an update on the progress of shipping out the kits to their respective winners. Here you get a little peak inside the Catspit office on the “warehouse” end. You’ll see a barefoot Jonathan working to pack up the boxes as he explains his concerns in shipping and packing the goods. This is a very casual vlog video in which you’ll also see Kepler, our current Matriarch of the Catspit Empire. LOL… well you know what we mean don’t you 😉 So welcome inside Jonathan’s world, we hope you enjoy this personal peek into his daily activities with Catspit Productions online.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!  

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