ISS Screen Printing Show: Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Here is another ISS screen printing show video from the RhinoTech booth. In this video we take a look at the heavy duty pressure washer from RhinoTech. This is the RSA 1500A pressure washer for screen printing. I have to say I’ll be much happier having one of these in the shop instead of one of the home owners units from home improvement stores. I can remember the last 2 that I bought. The first of the two broke at the same time I needed to reclaim screens. I had jobs to print so I was forced to go out right away and buy a new one. Then that very unit about 6 months later also broke. The standard hose side which ran household pressure water for washing out screens burst and flooded the shop. I forgot to turn off the water valve the night before. But the hose should have never failed. Well, all that is over now that I have this new heavy duty pressure washer from RhinoTech.

The video is called, “ISS Screen Printing Show: Heavy Duty Pressure Washer.” This tutorial screen printing video is an overview RSA 1500A Pressure washer from RhinoTech. This is a pressure washer designed for heavy usage such as in screen printing. By now if you have been printing for any amount of time you may well know that home owner style pressure washers from home improvement stores are no match for screen printing chores. They may last up to a year or two if you’re lucky but in the end those units are made to wear out and break. It’s the corporate way of ensuring the corporations fiscal health. And in fact many of those name brand units you see discounted at hardware stores are actually specially made for the store. The giant home improvement company will tell the manufacturer what retail price they want to be at and the maker down engineers the unit to match the price. What you get is an item that is nowhere near as good as the original product. You can either keep buying new pressure washers or buy just one. Like this 1450 psi, 110v, 18 amp screen printing pressure washer with safety GFCI plug. Watch the video to learn more about this excellent unit.

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