Screen Printing: RhinoTech At ISS Long Beach 2013

Here is a very quick and shaky video walk through of the RhinoTech booth at ISS Long Beach 2013. I think I may have moved the camera a bit much with this one especially at the end. I am so used to using the tripods in the shop that I forget to move a little slower when hand holding the camera. Well, it’s still a fun video to watch and get a feel of what it’s like to be at the show. I hope you all enjoy this short look at the RhinoTech booth 😉

This educational screen printing video is a short walk through of the RhinoTech booth at ISS Long Beach 2013. Here we take a quick look at their booth and some of the products they are featuring at the show. Greg and Shelley Markus make a special cameo appearance in this fun booth tour. Learn more about RhinoTech and the products or services they offer in this screenprinting trade show video. In this video we get a look at a large chemical drum system, washout booths and a special pressure washer made for screen printers. See Chris working the booth as we have a look see at the RhinoTech booth. Some of you may know him from technical support. We think you’ll enjoy this very casual walk through narrated by Jonathan from Catspit Productions. You may notice some audio disturbances in the beginning of the video but that will disappear after the first minute. The show had some interference on the Bluetooth wireless microphones on a few parts of some of these videos. But it’s still a cool video for you to enjoy.

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