Screen Printing Trade Show: Interview With Upperhand Printing

Our first ISS Long Beach, 2013 trade show video. Meet Craig Freeburg of Upperhand printing and hear what he has to say about RANAR equipment and Catspit Productions! I had a lot of fun meeting with many different people who watch the Catspit educational videos on YouTube but I have to admit meeting Craig was especially fun and I love this quick video we made together. I probably talk too much as I am, used to leading the videos and such so I have to work on my interviewing skills… LOL 😉

This video is called, “Screen Printing Trade Show: Interview With Upperhand Printing.” This educational screen printing video is about the Imprinted Sportswear Show or ISS, 2013. Here we are hanging out at the RANAR booth as we meet and interview Craig Freeburg of Upperhand Printing. This is a really cool short video in which we learn more about Craig and his screen printing endeavors. He bought some equipment from Catspit Productions some time ago and he gives us a testimonial on the RANAR products. Craig is also a musician and he is in a band called Trumpet The Harlot. With his new RANAR equipment bought from Catspit Productions he is now printing all of his bands logo wear. Craig is also an active member of the Catspit Learn How To Screen Print Forum on the Catspit website. You can ask him questions on the forum if you like. His user name is of course Upperhand Printing. Thanks a lot to Craig and company for stopping by the RANAR booth to meet with Jonathan and share his experiences printing tee shirts. It was so much fun to meet and interview him.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!  

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