Screen Printing Fun: Road Trip To ISS Long Beach, CA

This is the long awaited and overdue first video from the ISS screen printing trade show in Long Beach, California. This is a behind the scenes video that was supposed to load early Friday morning the first day of the show. But due to traveling gremlins it was not possible. That means I forgot the cord to down load the video files… hehe. Sorry about that but yeah this video was supposed to be seen the day the show began. It’s still a fun video I think and you’ll get to see some of the American country I live near. So take a break and watch this fun little video about the ride out.

The video is called, “Screen Printing Fun: Road Trip To ISS Long Beach, CA.” This educational screen printing video is about my road trip by car to Long Beach California for the Imprinted Sportswear Show or ISS, 2013. This year I traveled alone one again and the drive was excellent, without incident. In this entertainment and automotive video you’ll come along for the ride from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Redondo Beach in California. We pass through Blythe, Palm Springs and Indio along with other cool American cities. The coast is a lot of fun to visit with all the famous Californian places as well as the beaches. If you’re a barefoot bum like Jonathan then you’ll enjoy this area where it is not uncommon to find people going about without shoes in many places. It can be a very touristy area but it also has that Cali cool sort of feel if you let yourself get into the local mood. Venice Beach is nearby and if you go during the weekday it’s pretty benign. So come along for another fantastic voyage with me and Catspit Productions as we road trip it to the screen printing trade show.

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    thank you for all the information you send to me its a great help Abbas Khan from Kuwait

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