How To Screen Print T-Shirts: Spray Tack As Insurance?

So here is another very quick video about tips on why we should use spray tack. As usual I always forget to mention every little detail I want to but I think this is a great video that will answer a lot of the common questions I get about spray tack usage. I actually know a few people who will not use spray tacks on one color print jobs and they rip the ink out of the mesh as the shirts stick to the substrate side of the screen and are pulled off by the pallet holding the rest of the shirt back. Well there are two very good reasons not to do that. So this video is just a little tip that encourages the use of spray tacks or whatever pallet adhesive you may prefer.

This video is called, “How To Screen Print T-Shirts: Spray Tack As Insurance?” This educational screen printing video is about working spray tacks. Here we discuss why using spray tack for all you printing jobs is a great way to give yourself a second chance on print strokes as well as increase print resolution. Do you need to use spray tacks on one color jobs? You’ll learn what Jonathan has to say about that and why he suggests using it. This is a great video for beginners who don’t really understand the importance of using spray tack. So if you’re new to screen printing or you don’t really understand how to use spray tack then this video is a must see. You’ll even learn how spray tack can improve ink shear and thus coverage. That’s right because without spray tack there couldn’t be proper ink shear. Take a look at this quick tip video as we attempt to help you help yourself to have an easy time screenprinting tee shirts.

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