Screen Printing 3 Colors On Dark Shirts: No Under Base Production Run

I finally had time to upload this new video to YouTube today. Mondays are always crazy aren’t they? This has to be my single most favorite video I’ve made yet. Something about it makes me actually want to watch it over and over. Maybe the music or the production value, either way this new screen printing video is not only informative by demonstration but it’s a lot of fun to watch. The video is a production run which I had some fun with in video creation. It’s sort of a follow up video to the one I recently did about the 3 colors on dark tee shirts with no under base. So if you liked that set up video then you should love this action screenprinting video for sure.

The new video is called, “Screen Printing 3 Colors On Dark Shirts: No Under Base Production Run.” This is an awesome screen printing tutorial video about printing 3 colors on dark garments without an under base. In this video you’ll get to see exactly how this is done and why manual rotary textile presses are the industry standard despite what you may hear from people on YouTube. There are those who say a rotary press is horrible at registration and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This video proves that by demonstrating how 3 colors are printed on a full rotary press with rotating pallets and print heads. There is no faster or accurate system for printing multi colored designs on assembles tee shirts. Here you’ll see how the print heads are rotated in relation to the pallets and the shirts being printed. You’ll learn how to rotate, load and unload in the fastest way possible on a rotary textile press. It’s also a great demonstration of how you can print high opacity inks on dark garments without an under base.

To see the setup of this job and learn about the inks used see this video which gives you a rundown on the entire set up:

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