Catspit Custom Screen Printing on KFNX Radio Phoenix

This is a rather long video but since we have added a new section to the Catspit Forum about business, marketing and customer service, I thought it would be cool to upload the second radio spot Catspit Productions has done here in the Valley of the Sun. This is a 30 minute radio spot on a local AM radio station. It’s only 20 minutes or so due to the commercials which I cut out of this video. This is a great example of affordable marketing for your small business. Check with your local radio stations for more information about radio advertising. It’s effective and fun but you have to be able to get over any “stage fright” you may have…. 🙂

This video is called, “Catspit Custom Screen Printing on KFNX Radio Phoenix.” This is an educational screen printing video about Catspit Productions on Phoenix Radio KFNX 1100 AM. This was a 30 minute radio spot I did to help spread the word about Catspit custom screen printing in Phoenix Arizona. Here I went on the air for 30 minutes which included commercials so the spot was about 20 minutes in total. I was also able to get a bunch a 15 second ad spots throughout the day of our airing. Local radio can be a very inexpensive way for you to spread the word about your business, organization or event. This video is a little long for YouTube but I thought I would share this with our hardcore viewers and perhaps give you all more ideas on how you can expand your screen printing business on a low ad budget. In the end I was a little disappointed that I seemed to come full circle in this spot but any publicity is always good and I don’t think I was too bad in this interview. If you try this yourself I can say from experience that it is good to lay out an outline on paper with the most important items you want to share highlighted so you can stay on track throughout the spot. The shorter the spot the easier it will be.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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