Screen Printing Product Review: RhinoTech Wood & Metal Squeegees

Here we go with a new video as promised. I had trouble editing this as I was working late last night and I was tired so I missed a few things that I had to fix this morning… LOL. After 4 renders I finally got it right 😦 I have to admit I am adding some lights to the shop for video purposes. I felt the back area needed more consistent lighting and adding some more diffused light would make for more stable light as well as color in different shots without having to adjust the light positioning too much. But I think I bounced too much light off the ceiling which made this video a bit green or yellow. I’ll work on that but in the meantime you can still enjoy this RhinoTech product review.

The video called, “Screen Printing Product Review: RhinoTech Wood & Metal Squeegees” is another educational screen printing product review video about RhinoTech’s premade squeegees. This is a short look at both metal handled and wooden handled squeegees made by RhinoTech. They are available in 60, 70 and 80 durometer. In this video I used an old durometer meter and guessed at the durometer to be between 70 and 75 or 85 to 95 but I do believe my meter needs calibrating. We take you through a brief look at both the metal and wooden handles while discussing their differences and advantages. You’ll get to see a close up shot of both squeegees and you get a nice rundown on each. Both of these squeegees from RhinoTech get the Catspit seal of approval due to construction and craftsmanship. They are well made and cleanly done. The squeegee material seems to be of high quality with excellent straight, sharp and square edges. If you’re looking to buy squeegees then this is a must see video!

Discounted supplies from RhinoTech:

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