MacDermid Autotype Answers Screen Printing Questions

This is a formal introduction of MacDermid Autotype to the Catspit Productions website. They’re helping support the continued production of educational videos and they’re helping out in answering questions about screen printing. You know we have the forum where our print supply vendors answer questions. Now we have some additional help with textile questions and other questions relating to non-textile screenprinting. I encourage you to take advantage of this excellent resource by contacting them directly to ask questions. Check out this introductory video.

The new video is called, “MacDermid Autotype Answers Screen Printing Questions.” This is an educational screen printing video about MacDermid Autotype. Visit the Catspit Productions website to learn more about them and ask questions about screen printing tee shirts or other non-textile substrates. MacDermid Autotype has a new webpage on the Catspit website that explains all about them and what screen printing products they offer. You can also learn about their services and you can learn where to find MacDermid Autotype distributors. They have joined the Catspit venue to help answer questions about screenprinting and offer solutions to your printing needs. They make a complete line of chemicals and films along with some equipment. Make sure to check them out and ask them questions if you like. They’re here to help and teach as much as they can. I hope to add them to the forum as well some day when we designate a person for that purpose so stay tuned…

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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