Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Exposing & Washing Out 3 Screens

This is another very cool production video about exposing screens and washing out the stencil. I had to make a few screens last Friday so I figured I would create a video for you all to share the methodology by which I work. I had 3 screens to burn so in this video you get to follow along as I set up the screens and expose them. Then I wash them out of course and I show how I use the low pressure air to blow out the excess water in the open mesh of the stencil. This video is a time collapse video so you get to see everything without having to spend 30 minutes watching a video.

This is an educational screen printing video about washing out and burning screens. The video is called, “Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Exposing & Washing Out 3 Screens.” In this screenprinting tutorial video we take a quick look at placing film positives on the screen, exposing the screen and washing out the stencil in the washout booth. The video is a time compression so you get to see about 20 to 30 minutes of work in only 6 minutes. If you have ever wondered what it is like to burn multiple screens at the same time or if you want to watch an experienced person developing screens then this is the video for you. In this video you’ll get to see Jonathan placing the film on the screen and you’ll get to see how he washes out the stencil with nothing more than a garden hose. This is a fun video to watch as the entire sequence is compressed into a video you’ll enjoy seeing.

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