Screen Printing On Dark Garments: 3 Colors No Under Base

Here is a very cool new screen printing educational video I uploaded to YouTube. I had a lot of fun making this video and the set up job as well as the video production went very well. The artwork was really excellent because I had my brother do it. He has like over 25 years of experience creating artwork for screenprinting using Illustrator. I like the way he does spot and dot jobs a lot because he combines true spot colors with true halftones. It’s very nice work indeed and this video showcases an example of how artwork could make or break you on press. In this case it made for a great time on press setting up and printing.

The video is called, “Screen Printing On Dark Garments: 3 Colors No Under Base.” This is an educational screen printing video about using high opacity plastisol inks to print onto dark garments including black with no white under base. In this video we show you a 3 color design that was specifically set up for printing on dark colored tee shirts. We’re using high opacity plastisol inks and a thin mesh screen. The screens are 125 count with a 70 micrometer thread diameter which allows for great ink flow while keeping nice details on a lower count mesh. This screen has similar or better ink flow characteristics than a standard 110 mesh which has 80 or 90 micrometer thread diameters. This video demonstrates how working with great artwork, good quality high opacity plastisol inks, and the appropriate mesh count can make printing colors onto black tee shirts easy even without an under base. If you’re considering how to print your next job with colors on very dark garments then you should definitely watch this tutorial video.

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