Learn How To Screen Print Forum Contributor Shout Out!

This is a video that I meant to keep short but I think I am excited at how the Catspit educational screen printing forum is performing in only 8 months. On the forum we have ranks and rewards based on the number of posts you make. At 125 posts you get the rank of Master Screen Printer and you can contact me to get a shout out video like this one. Watch this video to learn more about the Catspit screen printing forum and meet our first Master Screen Printer, Greg from Apeshirt Apparel, LLC. Greg has been making a lot of posts and he has even begun answering other people’s questions as well. This video is for you Greg. It may be a little long but it goes fast if you pay attention to me…. LOL 🙂

The video is called, “Learn How To Screen Print Forum Contributor Shout Out!” This is an educational screen printing video about the Catspit Productions learn how to screen print forum. This is just a reminder that we have a relatively new screen printing forum on the Catspit Productions website and it is there free of charge for all to utilize in their endeavors to screenprint tee shirts or other garments. The forum is based on the process itself which is unusual for a screen printing forum. Most other forums on this subject are complicated to navigate, full of advertisers or sponsors, and contain topics that are not really related to screen printing. The Catspit forum is dedicated to helping you to learn how to print your own tee shirts by separating the forum into categories based on a step by step rundown of the process. In this video we remind you of the forum while giving a shout out to our first major contributor. Apeshirt form the Catspit forum has reached the rank of Master Screen Printer and has begun answering questions on his own. Now he is a moderator and we hope to hear more from Greg at Apeshirt Apparel Printing.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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