How To Screen Print Nylon Or Satin Jackets

I thought it would be fun to share with you the process by which nylon or satin jackets are printed with a 1 color design. Due to the shrinking abilities of the synthetic material in the jacket shell it is very difficult to print multi colors with any degree of registration. It can be done but you should be extremely experienced to try that. Now I haven’t printed this type of thing in many years so it was fun to make this video for you all. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

The new YouTube video is called, “How To Screen Print Nylon Or Satin Jackets.” This is an educational screen printing video about how to screen print nylon and satin windbreakers or baseball jackets. This is a very simple explanation of what you’ll need, what you should use and how to get plastisol inks to bond to the synthetic fabrics. The video takes us through a quick rundown on using a jacket pallet or hold down as well as why an iron would be a useful tool in printing these jackets and how to cure them properly without burning or shrinking the nylon fabric. In the video you’ll see Jonathan mix a catalyst into the plastisol ink on screen and you’ll see a black satin baseball jacket as well as a nylon windbreaker being printed. If you have never thought about expanding your product offerings this is an excellent video to watch. After you watch the video you’ll be ready to look at offering 1 color printed jackets to your customer base and perhaps increase sales especially if you are in a region that has a lot of cold weather.

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