Screen Printing Product Review: Using Blockout To Fix Pinholes

This is a cool educational video about RhinoTech’s block out products. These products are designed to be used after you burn a new stencil and you find wither pinholes or other imperfections in the emulsion. You can also use them for filling in the space between the screen frame edge and the emulsion. These blockout products range from a thin water based formula, a thick water based formula and finally a permanent chemical based formula with activator. In this product review we take a quick look at all 3 items and demonstrate the application of the thin blockout even though in the video Jonathan says he’ll use the thick formula. LOL, he used the thin because it was a pretty red. No seriously we thought it would contrast against the blue emulsion better than the thicker blue blockout. You can watch the video to find out all the details on these products and you’ll learn where to get them at a discount too of course. Check it out today!

The new video is called, “Screen Printing Product Review: Using Blockout To Fix Pinholes.” This is an educational screen printing video is about RhinoTech’s blockout products. These are products designed to fix emulsion imperfections and defects as a filler medium. Rather than using old emulsion that needs a post cure you can save time by using water soluble thin and thick blockout solutions or a 2 part permanent blockout. In this video you will be introduced to these products and you will see a demonstration of two application methods. Two of these block outs are water soluble and completely re-claimable which allows for the reuse of the screen. The third blockout product is very permanent. It will never come out of the mesh most likely. In this video you will hear what Jonathan has to say about the usage of these products and his recommendations for home printers as well as commercial shops. If you are having any problems with pinholes or emulsion imperfections then this video could be valuable for you to watch.

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