Screen Printing Product Review: Eco Haze Remover Vs. Standard Stain Cleaner

RhinoTech and I thought it would be fun to compare their regular, standard chemical line haze remover to their Green line of environmental and user safe stain remover. Many people think that ecofriendly products don’t work as well as the normal chemicals we are all used to. While there are differences between the 2 products, it certainly does not affect the end result. The HRG 2400 ecofriendly haze remover is thinner and much more user friendly but it requires a longer sitting time. The HR 2800 is thicker and somewhat more aggressive making it less user friendly as well as faster acting. Neither of the 2 haze removers had much of an odor but if it has to be said then the HR 2800 would probably be slightly more odorous. Videos like this are not easy to make but this one went very well witch made it fun to make and the results of the comparison were very cool.

This tutorial screen printing video is a product review about RhinoTech’s haze removers for screen printing mesh after reclaiming. It’s called, “Screen Printing Product Review: Eco Haze Remover Vs. Standard Stain Cleaner.” This is a very cool comparison of an environmentally user safe stain remover with a standard equivalent chemical. How does regular haze remover from RhinoTech hold up against the RhinoClean Green line of stain remover? In this video you will see a side by side comparison as we clean an intentionally stained screen. We use black ink and left it on the screen for about a week in very hot temperatures. It was stroked a few times as well to make sure the black ink penetrated both sides nicely. Then we cleaned the excess ink off with a citrus based RhinoClean Green ink wash and tried HRG 2400 right alongside HR 2800. With he later being the standard chemical you’ll get to see them washed out together. The point of the video is to demonstrate that the environmental product works just as well as standard chemicals and you have a choice in the products you use from RhinoTech.

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