Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Curing Tests For Plastisol Textile Inks

Lately a lot of people have been asking questions about curing plastisol inks for textile screen printing. Many of them are just starting out at home and many do not have a belt dryer. Owning a decent belt dryer will obviously make curing plastisol inks much easier and more consistent. But even when you do own a conveyor dryer or belt oven you may still find difficulties in making sure the plastisol ink is fully cured so that it will not washout during laundering. We all know that you can use a temperature gun or infrared thermometer to check the temperature inside the belt oven as the screen printed tee shirt emerges from the oven chamber. But how do you really know if the entire ink layer you printed has reached 330 degrees Fahrenheit or higher?

This educational screen printing video is about 3 different testing methods on determining if your plastisol textile screen printing ink is fully cured. The video is called, “Screen Printing Tee Shirts: Curing Tests For Plastisol Textile Inks.” In order to make sure you plastisol screen prints don’t was out in the laundry you have to make sure the entire ink layer reaches 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn how to be confident in knowing your plastisol screenprinting is washable, durable and ready to stand the test of time. You print should outlast the garment itself. This video covers the infrared thermometer test in a belt dryer a swell as 2 physical tests. The first is the stretch test and the second is the rub test. The rub test is the more potentially damaging of the 2 so we do that on rag prints. Learn the secrets of making sure your plastisol textile silkscreen print is fully cured and stand by your product with confidence.

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