How To Screen Print: 2 Color Catspit T-Shirt Printing With Flash

Since we have some big changes coming to the Catspit Productions website’s Print Supplies page this August I am very busy printing right now. I took a few rather large jobs that I might not have taken if things had gone a little differently lately. So that means less time for educational videos but since I am an actual screen printer who makes a living by screen printing commercially I am able to bring you some other videos that show you exactly how I work and what I do in my small 500 square foot shop. These types of videos end up being pretty popular on YouTube so it’s all good. For some reason people want to see the shirts being printed more than anything else. I can understand that but I would also want to have an explanation of what’s going on…. therefore these videos will complement our screenprinting video collection very well I think. I hope you al enjoy this one as it’s one of my favorites for showing printing in action.

This is another Action & Entertainment screen printing video called, “How To Screen Print: 2 Color Catspit T-Shirt Printing With Flash” from Catspit Productions, LLC! This educational video is actually a follow up to the set up and test print of the same design:

Then I showed you how I might rotate the same 2 color design here:

In this tutorial video I actually print some shirts in full swing with rotation, loading and unloading shirts with the flash cure station active and running a little hot… LOL. So essentially in this video you get to see how to rotate a manual rotary screenprinting press with a 2 color design and a flash station. This is a fast motion video but just enough to make it fun to watch. You can still get a great look at exactly what I am doing on press and I think this video ties in the previous 2 quite well. The video gives you a great view of the entire press and flash cure station so you can see how the rotation provides for “cool down” stations. That way by the time the shirt makes a full rotation after the first color the ink and tee have cooled enough to proceed printing the second color without any problems caused by hot ink.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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