How To Screen Print: 1 Hour Of Reclaiming Screens In 5 Minutes

I have been very busy in the shop lately and with the internet work as well. We’re about to have a big change on the website with our anchor vendor on August 1st. So I have been busy getting ready to make that change online. That means some videos will also be privatized as our current anchor vendor leaves us. I will remake some videos for your educational benefit. Therefore we have some videos for you right now that show some actual labor in the Catspit screen printing shop.

The video is called, “How To Screen Print: 1 Hour Of Reclaiming Screens In 5 Minutes.” This is a time lapse or fast motion video about reclaiming screens for screen printing. In this video you get to see an hours’ worth of reclaiming work in less than five minutes. This is a fun video to watch as Jonathan moves like Flash Gordon to remove tape, ink and then emulsion in order to get these screens ready for mesh preparation. It’s a great educational video in that it demonstrates how much effort is put into screen making. Remember after this the screens have to be degreased and then coated with emulsion. That means another round in the washout booth, drying, coating with emulsion and drying. It defiantly shows why the process is better suited for higher volume printing. And it shows you how the worst part of the screen printing process looks in reality. This is actual labor in the Catspit shop getting ready for incoming print jobs.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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