How To Screen Print T Shirts: Low Cost Inkjet Vellum As Film Positives?

So here it is. I really had envisioned this video much differently than it turned out. I was so bummed to discover what I did when I tried completing the video and it was very frustrating. It seemed like such a simple little thing but you know how things go for us common folk. Sometimes I think like, “How can they put men on the Moon when I can’t make the Catspit clock stay on the wall in the shop?” And I don’t mean that like I am stupid but I’m just saying things seem so difficult at times right here on Earth… it fell off the wall the other day 🙂 Do you believe they really landed on the Moon? No never mind…. LOL that would open up a can of worms and you all I know they did 🙂 Anyway you should check out this video suggested by YouTube user KentuckyArtist. It should at least entertain you.

This video called, “How To Screen Print T Shirts: Low Cost Inkjet Vellum As Film Positives?” is another tutorial video in which I share a product a YouTube user told me about. KentuckyArtist told me about inkjet vellum which in my time in the screen printing industry I had never really heard of and never used. I thought this would be a great product to share with all you home based screen printers and hobbyists. This is inkjet vellum available at a local retailer in the United Sates and you may be able to order it online if you live outside the US. However I had a technical issue which prevented me from printing the inkjet vellum with my Epson Stylus Photo 1400. I believe the CD printer tray jammed up the thicker inkjet vellum. To learn all about what happened and if this product could work for you make sure to watch the video today.

Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate your support very much. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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