Screenprinting: How Long Do Screen Printed Tee Shirts Last?

So I get asked this question almost weekly because of the intense advertising campaigns of Direct to Garment manufacturers and heat transfer companies. They constantly claim that their method is as fast and as cost effective as screen printing. Not only that they think those processes can do all the same things screen printing can do and that is simply not true at all on all counts. If you want to know my personal thoughts on this matter and get a definitive answer from someone that has the 20 year old plus screen printed shirts to show you then keep reading.

The video is called, “Screenprinting: How Long Do Screen Printed Tee Shirts Last?” This is an educational video about screen printing in which I tell you a little more about my personal history screenprinting tee shirts. My father has been involved with screen printing for a long time and that is partly why I am able to do what I do but my brother also has had a screen printing shop in NY for over 25 years. I have a lot of resources at my disposal and in this video you’ll learn how I first started printing T shirts with my Uncle in the basement of my father’s house when I was how old? You find out in this video which shows you some screen printed t shirts and sweat shirts or fleece garments about 20 years ago. Finally get the answer to the question you have need asking yourself as you think about how to go about starting your own garment embellishing company.

Thanks again for all your time in watching my videos and reading my blog. If you have nothing better to do follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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