Screen Printing Product Review: RhinoTech’s Spray Tack & Screen Opener

I think this has been the latest upload to YouTube yet. Just before 12 midnight last night I uploaded a new educational screen printing video which is a product review. The holiday week screwed things up a bit with my schedule and it actually rained most of the day on the 4th here and it was very cool but humid. Since it was rainy and gloomy yet very cool I decided to print some orders during the day which I try very hard not to do. But on this 4th of July it was a perfect printing day. Eventually late in the afternoon it started to clear up and by night fall it was perfect weather for fireworks displays.

The new video is called, “Screen Printing Product Review: RhinoTech’s Spray Tack & Screen Opener.” This tutorial screen printing video is a product review about RhinoTech’s aerosol product line. In this educational screen printing video we introduce you to their mist pallet tack and the web pallet tack for printing fleece. You will also get to take a look at the spray patterns of each of these spray tacks. Then we discuss the two types of screen openers they make. One is for standard plastisol inks and the other is made specifically for water based ink. And the kicker is the water based screen opener is ecofriendly as well as user friendly. If you liked the Rhinotech environmentally safe screen making chemicals then you should enjoy this video very much especially if you use water based inks. So if you are looking into aerosol products then this is a great video to help you learn about screen printing consumables used in printing tee shirts.

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