Screen Printing: 2 Color With Flash & Rotation On Manual Press

I figured since we just output the film and did a video about how to set up this 2 color design using the film positives we should take a look at how the job would be printed with a flash cure on a manual rotary screen printing press. Now this video came out a little long and I had to trim out some funny outtakes on my part in order to fit into the 15 minute time limit YouTube imposes on me even though I am a partner. Actually I am supposed to be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes as a partner but I’d rather check on that first before going through all the trouble and then having the upload fail. And I think 15 minutes is probably the most time I could possibly keep your attention for… LOL 🙂 So this new video takes a “quick” look at how the job would actually be printed on a rotary textile press.

The video is called, “Screen Printing: 2 Color With Flash & Rotation On Manual Press.” This is a detailed 15 minute tutorial video about how to print a 2 color design with a flash cure. In this video you will learn about what it takes to set up and time your rotation during a flash printing job. The video shows how the first color is printed and rotated around the press until you come back to the first shirt printed. Then it demonstrates how to proceed to print the second color then unload and load a new shirt to start the process over again. The key factor you will learn from this video is when and how to time your flash cure. In the video you will see that it is the unloading and loading portion of the printing process that will determine your dwell time. This is sometimes referred to as the index time. This is the first educational video in a group that will be done on how to rotate your manual rotary screen printing press with a multi-color print job. Some of those videos will also include registration and set up. Stay tuned….

Thanks for dropping by the blog and checking out what I have been up to. I appreciate your time and attention greatly. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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