How To Screen Print: 2 Color Press Set Up & Test Shirt

I figured since we just output this film together in a previous YouTube video about out putting film positives “ghetto style” on good quality water proof inkjet film positives we should follow up and print the job. It’s a Catspit designer tee shirt made using clip art and the Catspit copyrighted logo text. This shirt is designed to be printed on a gray or light charcoal type of a color. It could also be printed on what they call silver in some cases. I really like this design and I’m going to pick out I nice tee shirt to print with it and make a few to give out to special friends, customers and Catspit followers.

This video is called, “How To Screen Print: 2 Color Press Set Up & Test Shirt” and it’s a great tutorial screen printing that will walk you through a techniques that uses the film positives on press in order to set up a multi-color job. In this case Jonathan at Catspit Productions forgot to put in his special little registration marks so the ones on the film did not washout. Therefore we used a technique where we use the film positives to line up both screens in this simple 2 color design. By actually setting up the film positives on press centered on the pallet we can then line up the clean un-inked screens. You will notice in his video I did not even have to use micro registration at all. But that is partly due to the simplicity of the design. Watch Jonathan as he tapes off the screens and sets up the film positives on the pallet. The see how he lines up the 2 screens, inks them up and has a perfectly registered design.

Thanks again for visiting my screen printing blog and how to information about printing tee shirts. I really do appreciate your time and attention. Thanks for your support. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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