How To Screen Print: Lubricating Your Manual Rotary Textile Press

So this was a very late upload and blog post for that matter. I worked on this video during the heat of the day because it was when I had time to do it. So it took a little longer to make as I took a few breaks to prevent turning into a Niagara Falls of sweat and wet hair. This was another video that once you start the job you have to finish it. But this time I’ll be doing the rest of the head early tomorrow morning. I think it was a very appropriate video to follow the last.

This is an educational screen printing video will take you through a look at how a manual rotary tee shirt press may be lubricated especially after it has been cleaned. This is a follow up video to last week’s version on cleaning the tee shirt press. Now we show you how a press like the RANAR Vista 6/6 rotary press would be lubricated for proper care and long term maintenance. In this tutorial video you will learn how to use WD-40 not only as a lubricant but also as a cleaning solvent. Find out about other lubricants like white lithium grease and 3 in 1 Oil. This how to screen printing video will show you what to do and how not to get too much on the press either. The last thing you want is to get excess oil on your printed garments. This is a great video to watch for those of you who bought a new press, cleaned up an old one or are thinking about buying a screenprinting press.

Don’t forget Catspit Productions, LLC is an authorized RANAR dealer. Please let us know if you need any help purchasing RANAR screen printing equipment.

Thanks for dropping in on my bog and reading about my efforts to teach screen printing online for free. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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