Screen Printing Tip: Amazing Spray Can Paint Thinner!

Well due to some unforeseen complications around my home and shop I was unable to install the RhinoTech M10 filtration system under the washout booth in time to make the videos for today. I have several print jobs in house and I am very busy online as usual. But I really wanted to upload a video today and I have to think that the product featured in this video has existed in other brands before but I never seemed to notice it. It was just something I noticed at Home Depot the other day and I bought a can and I like it! What am I talking about? Read on…

The latest educational screenprinting video uploaded to YouTube is called, “Screen Printing Tip: Amazing Spray Can Paint Thinner!” This video is a bit of a satire of the old Billy Mays style infomercials, may he rest in peace. But it does give you an update on what video is coming up next week and it also introduces you to something new I found at the hardware store. Evidently you can get paint thinner in a spray paint type can. That’s right! Spray aerosol paint thinner! I had never seen this stuff before and maybe it was just new for that brand but I never noticed this type of product in all my paint thinner purchases. LOL… what does that say of me? Don’t laugh at that because you’ll probably laugh at my infomercial satire anyway.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog and having a read! I appreciate your time and attention. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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