How To Screen Print: Setting Up & Using The Flash Cure Unit

Alright so here it is. I worked late last night to finish this video for you all. In this one you’ll actually get to see some shots of the shop that you rarely get to see. It’s all about the basic set up and usage of the flash cure unit. I had some lighting and sound issues with this one because I was moving around the shop and shooting in places I normally do not. But I think it still came out decent enough and most importantly it is very informative. I hope you all take the time to check out my latest screen printing educational video free on YouTube as always!

This screen printing educational video gives you a quick rundown on how to set up and work with a flash cure unit on a manual rotary textile press. It’s called, “How To Screen Print: Setting Up & Using The Flash Cure Unit.” Here we take a look at how the flash cure would be adjusted using height and/or a thermostat. In the video we also talk about where the flash cure unit might be placed in relation to your press. In this case we have it set up on a six color, six station, manual rotary press. You will learn how the height, temperature and dwell time all contribute to a successful flash cure station. You’ll get a close up look at the height adjustment as well as the thermostat. You’ll even get to see some behind the scenes and never before seen shots of the Catspit screenprinting shop. If you are getting ready to work with a flash cure in any way then this video is a must see! Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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