How To Screen Print: Washout Booth Environmental Filtration Unit

Finally I was able to get everything together and finish the installation of the unit plus I made the second part to the video that Greg Markus and I started a few months ago. This is a very informative video. It may not be the most entertaining video but you will get a great understanding of how the M10 filtration system works and how it can benefit your city water treatment system or septic system. Catspit Productions would like to thank Greg and RhinoTech once again for providing the filtration unit to us in order to become environmentally compliant and share the information with you all.

The video is called, “How To Screen Print: Washout Booth Environmental Filtration Unit.” This screen printing educational video features Greg Markus of RhinoTech and the M10 filtration unit. Now that’s not the M5 from Star Trek for all you nerds like me. It’s an environmental filtration unit designed to filter waste water from the drain in your washout booth. In this video Greg explains how the simple system works, the variations on draining the unit and the benefits of using such a water filtration unit. You’ll get to see the unit before it is installed and see the innards as we discuss the functions. It’s a basic “coffee filter” type system that can trap particulates 5 microns in size or bigger, anything smaller than 5 microns will settle in the first tank of the unit before the filtered water is pumped into the drain. If you are concerned about being eco safe and complying with local laws and environmental regulations then this is another must see video

Thanks a lot for stopping by the blog and having a read. I appreciate your time and support online. And thanks for using the Catspit discount promo codes online when you shop for screen printing supplies!

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