How To Screen Print: Tips On Using Plastisol Curable Reducer

Once again I have been very busy with the new screen printing educational forum on the new Catspit Productions website. But I was still able to make this quick tip video for you all. It’s funny because when I first started doing these “quick tip” videos I intended for them to be five minutes or less. But that did not work out the way I planned in the end. But I think the videos are very informational and I rather they be a little long than too short and perhaps not so helpful. I know many of you would probably prefer shorter videos but just know I’m giving you more information this way and it would be a million times harder to do the same job in less time.

In this educational screen printing video called “How To Screen Print: Tips On Using Plastisol Curable Reducer” Jonathan guides you through a tour of how to use curable reducers for plastisol inks. In the video we discuss the inks themselves as well as what adding the reducer does to the qualities of the ink. Learn about what curable reducers are really intended for and why they shouldn’t be used with high opacity plastisol inks when printing on dark garments. This video teaches you about the properties of shear, ink flow and coverage while examining plastisol curable reducers. See what the reducer looks like as it is mixed into some black plastisol ink. You will also hear suggestions on usage and what to use when you really just want to thin out your plastisol inks. If you have ever thought about adding reducer to your high opacity white ink before printing it directly onto black tee shirts, then you should watch this video today.

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