Do It Yourself Hinge Clamp Screen Printing Board

So I finally got around to making this video about hinge clamps. There are so many people who ask me about simple print jobs that would call for the use of hinge clamps I thought I should make a video and share it with you all. I am so busy right now that I am making the videos the same day they are uploaded. Unless I need to do a retake of course this still happens and is totally disappointing. But in the end the reshoot always turns out much better than the first failure. Now this video went very well and did not require any retakes at all. Thanks the heavens because I really wanted to upload it today.

The new video is called, “Do It Yourself Hinge Clamp Screen Printing Board.” In this educational screen printing video you will learn about what hinge clamps are and how to use them to create a simple, cheap and effective screen printing board for printing at home. Hinge clamps are simple device you can use on table tops or free boards in order to screen print 1 color designs without the cost of a professional press. In the video we go over the hinge clamps, where to get them and how to set them up on a board for printing flatwork or tee shirts. The video also discusses the off contact issue with hinge clamps and how to deal with it. You get to see the screws used to fasten the clamps to the board and you get to see the drilling of the starter holes for the screws. Then we screw the clamps in and Jonathan shows you how the rig works.

So once again thanks a lot for stopping by the blog and having a read. I appreciate your support and I hope this new video turns out to be helpful to you. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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